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There are a lot of people might be confused about making choice between filament LED and normal LED. What are some advantages and disadvantage about these two different types of LED? Apparently, they both save energy and save money, but which one is better choice for you? Here is some pros and cons about filament LED and normal LED. Lets take a look and make our own decision!

Pros of Filament LED

1.light exposure is in almost 360 degrees.
2.Have a trendy retro style that some people might like it.
3.Can be very low watage and save more energy.
4.Using less materia and is environmental friendly.
5.Have a variety of colors and models.

Cons of Filament LED

1.   Typically have a shorter lifespan than other LEDs, ranging from 10,000 hours all the way to 30,000 hours.
2.Have not yet been incorporated into smart lighting designs.

Pros of Traditional LED

Have a lifespan of around 40,000 hours.
2.Are used in conjunction with smart lighting.
3.Have a varity of colors.

Cons of Traditional LED

Have a unidirectional, focused light output area rather than the multi-directional lighting of filament bulbs.
2.Do not offer the retro style found in filament bulbs.
t have low watage like Filament LED.
4.Not that environmental friendly compair with Filament LED.

Over all, traditional LED has more life spam while Filament LED has lower watage. Since Filament LED is more environmental friendly, i believe it will be the market leader in the close future!

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